Published May 27, 2021

9 Reasons Creatives Love The Global Leadership Summit


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The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) attracts hundreds of thousands of people in over 123 countries at thousands of host sites and online locations. Bringing together an audience that represents various industries, including business, nonprofit, healthcare, education, government, ministry and entertainment, the GLS has become a unique platform, unlike any other leadership conference in the world today.

In fact, there’s one segment of our audience that continues to grow—creatives!

Creatives, including artists, designers, writers, musicians and entertainers have been coming to The Global Leadership Summit for its inspiration, networking opportunities and practical advice on how to effectively enhance their creativity with leadership skills.

Here are the top 9 reasons creatives love The Global Leadership Summit:

1. A diverse, world-class leadership faculty (including creatives!) with a wealth of leadership experience we all can learn from.

The 2021 world-class leadership faculty includes a few notable creatives like fashion designer, Jerry Lorenzo, social entrepreneur, Michelle Poler, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inventor, Richard Montanez, and cosmetics brand founder, Jamie Kern Lima, who will bring expertise from their experiences for two days of rich, inspiring learning relevant to today’s challenges and context.

Check out the full lineup >> 


2. It’s not just the world-class faculty, it’s the amazing creatives throughout the program that inspire us!

Not only does the Summit deliver on practical leadership insights from our world-class faculty, but the programming also includes artists, musicians, entertainers, storytelling, drama and an element of creative surprise, leaving the audience delighted and inspired in ways they weren’t expecting. (Can anyone guess who our surprise guest artists might be in 2021?!)


3. Creativity = Leadership, and leadership matters—these ideas are not mutually exclusive.

Leadership sets the tone for every workplace, and creative fields are no exception. In order to be a good leader, you need to develop creativity. And in order to be an effective creative, you need leadership skills. The Summit invites a diverse faculty to share their creative ideas that can apply in almost any context. At the Summit, creative leadership is taught and inspirationally encouraged.

At the Summit, creative leadership is taught and inspirationally encouraged.


4. Creativity = Execution. In order to bring amazing ideas to fruition, creatives need practical leadership skills and fresh perspective.

With perspectives brought to you from outside of your normal everyday environment, you’re able to discover new solutions to some of your everyday problems. Are you in a creative rut? Stuck on a project? Lacking motivation? Developing the leadership quality of execution can help creatives bring their amazing ideas to fruition!


5. Attendance and application of new leadership principles create positive, tangible change. 

Feedback from our attendees and research outcomes speak for themselves. In 2017, an independent research firm, Excellence in Giving, cited an overwhelming positive return on investment for those who attended The Global Leadership Summit.

Here are just some of the highlights we discovered:

  • 68% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their productivity
  • 81% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved their job satisfaction
  • 74% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS improved the quality of their work
  • 62% “agree” or “strongly agree” the GLS materials helped them teach others about leadership, with an average of 47% other people being trained in the last two years


6. The Summit is a great addition to your leadership development program for you and/or your staff. 

If you lead a group of creatives, or are a part of a creative team, the Summit is a great opportunity to invest in yourself and others. It’s about reenergizing and refueling creativity with inspirational, powerful messages and relevant insights. In doing so, you add value back into your work and your staff, allowing people to develop a common leadership language, which ends up creating a better culture, improving job satisfaction and increasing innovation and productivity to drive your creative projects forward.


7. The Summit is more than a conference about leadership principles, it also provides a dose of encouragement and inspiration to carry you through the year. 

Attracting an audience from every walk of life from Christians and non-Christians alike, the Summit focuses on curating a world-class faculty that delivers leadership principles that can be applied in almost any context with an important element of hope and encouragement that is often missing from strictly training-focused conferences.

“It allows me to take a break from the busyness of work and life to recenter and focus on me and my personal development. I always come away with pages of notes and tools to continue to learn, grow and improve.” – Sue S.


8. The Summit provides the opportunity to network with values-based, growth-minded men and women in your local community. 

The Summit creates an opportunity for creatives to come together with key stakeholders and members of their community from an array of diverse backgrounds. Creatives need clients and communities to give back to, and those communities need amazing creatives to turn to! The GLS audience is diverse enough to expand your network with a variety of people who can creatively collaborate and connect over the excellent content and inspiration.

Creatives need clients and communities to give back to, and those communities need amazing creatives to turn to!


9. The cost-benefit for leadership development is extremely high. 

With a maximum ticket price of $209 per individual, the cost-benefit is extremely high.

“The Summit is WAY more affordable and condensed than design conferences. Most design conferences are expensive long days of filtering information for the pieces which apply to you, while the GLS is a compact, succinct two days of the best practical tools. You don’t want to miss one minute.” – Natalia W.


Clear your schedule and mark your calendars for Thursday and Friday, August 5-6 at The Global Leadership Summit! Get your tickets today >> 
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