Published December 31, 2020

Today is Your Last Chance to Give to the GLN in 2020


Because of the GLS

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There are three important things that happen when you help share The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) to encourage and equip 1 million people.
The Summit reminds us we are leaders

The GLS puts people in front of us to remind us of who we are. It reminds us that our leadership matters, wherever we are—what we do and who we are really matters.  

The Summit calls us up

What is shared at the GLS reminds us that not only does our leadership matter, but we’re also called up. It reminds us of the things we need to work on. It reminds us our leadership matters ANDstretches us to be better.

The Summit sends us out

The GLS says, go out and be great.In a world full of darkness, we need leadership like never before. We also need to think about the kind of leadership we need. We need to make courageous decisions so that a generation will talk about the sacrifices we made. We need generation-impacting leadership.  


We need to think bigger, act more courageously and lead like never before.   

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Your gift of any size makes all the difference. Every penny matters. 


*If you’ve already given toward the year-end campaign, thank you! Your support is so critical.  

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