Published March 12, 2018

5 Incredible Outcomes from the Summit in Brazil

The Global Leadership Summit has taken place in 21 locations so far in Brazil alone this 2017/18 season, with more events taking place as we speak. By the end of the season, the GLS will have reached more than 18,000 leaders in Brazil. Thank you for supporting and praying for God’s blessing on the impact of these events!

Be inspired by what has already taken place:

Digging Wells in In São Mateus

A lady who works with the mayor’s team was greatly impacted by the Greenly’s grander vision story about digging wells. In São Mateus, they have been facing issues on providing clean water for all regions of the city. Most of the people were receiving salty water in their tap. After seeing the story of this businessman, she took the case to the city council and created a project to dig wells in each region.

Her project was approved and the city has been able to bring good, fresh water for all but three of the regions in the city so far. The last few should be completed in the next month.

Health insurance and care for low income families

An entrepreneur in São Mateus was moved by Liz Bohannon’s grander vision story about the sandals in Uganda. He said, I don’t have a sandal business, but I do work with health insurance plans!

Since the Summit, he started a special project to offer 50%, 70% and 100% discounts for those with little to no income, and offer them a health program. He also partnered with another businessman to provide sports equipment for a social project that serves the kids in the slums. The host church is investing its time and energy to get volunteers to run this project to evangelize and provide hope and care to the kids living there.

Impact on inmates, the military and police in in São Paulo

Summit host partner, Batista do Povo, continues to build on its relationship with the different facets of the military force. In the past couple of months, a church member answered God’s whisper to provide Bibles to all the inmates in the Federal Police penitentiary. This member involved her pastor and church in the idea and shared how she was completing her law degree at the location where the most influential cases are being investigated for the state of São Paulo.

The inmates spend 20 hours each day in their cell and four hours outside. They are not allowed to see anyone except their lawyer. As the lawyers gave out Bibles, many inmates expressed gratitude; some even cried. The impact was greater than anyone could imagine.

The Federal Police superintendent received reports of some of the testimonies and changes in the inmates and asked to speak to the intern and her pastor. The pastor sent Col. Terra, one of the colonels behind the Military Summit and police chaplain ministry in the city. The Federal Police force has now has asked that the church provide support and a chaplain every two weeks at the Federal Police office in São Paulo. Talks of another influential military Summit are underway with this partner church, chaplains and colonels.

Atheist accepts Christ in Porto Velho

A well-known atheist attended the Summit for the first time. On the first day of the Summit, the team added a live speaker interview of someone who struggled with forgiveness. Following the session with Imacullee Iibagiza, the man was so moved by the testimonies, could no longer contain himself. He accepted Christ the same day!

Many more people attend the Summit in Governador Valadares than registered

A member of the church had little faith that the Summit event would have more than 15 participants. She kept telling the pastor to cancel the event due to the crises they were facing. During the Summit she cried almost the entire time as she saw so many attend, and heard so many testimonies shared. She asked her pastor for forgiveness for doubting the impact the Summit had on her and so many in her community.


Thank you for being a part of the impact of the Summit in Brazil! 

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