Published July 1, 2015

A Family is Floored by Bono’s Words


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Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.26.29 PMAudrey Baker was impressed by the GLS theme: Lead Where You Are. When she and her husband attended their first Summit, she worked in the corporate world and hoped gain insight into how to strengthen her leadership skills. It was the year Bono spoke, and as he talked about the plight of the poor, his challenging words changed their lives forever.

In every detail of our lives we should be trying to bring heaven to earth.—Bono

Audrey and her husband adopted a child from the Ukraine who is HIV+.

After our first adoption, I became a stay-at-home mom and began volunteering with a non-profit organization Project HOPEFUL, which advocates for mothers and children with HIV from countries around the world with on-the-ground programs in Uganda, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. I now sit on the board of directors for this organization, and I realize that my role as a mother is the most important leadership role God will ever place me in. The Summit has helped me tremendously in that area as well! 

Can an accident of longitude and latitude really decide whether you will live or whether you will die?—Bono

Looking back on my first Summit, I find those words from Bono particularly poignant after adopting our son from Ukraine. My husband and I have become foster parents and we have adopted three more children through the foster care system. We will be completing our fourth adoption, bringing our total family to seven kids ranging in age from 2-31.   

My husband and I pray that every one of our kids will know and love Jesus and choose to serve Him with their whole heart. Our older kids have been amazing about wholeheartedly accepting their new siblings and some are already talking about adopting someday. Spreading truth about HIV and AIDS is a family mission!

I am grateful for Leadership Summit.  It’s been an awesome ride so far! 

I have to laugh that God used an interview with Bono to restart our lives.  I just love Summit! 

– Audrey Baker, Summit attendee, Arizona

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