Published July 19, 2017

City-wide Summit Movement in Indianapolis Impacts Local Prison

Grace Church has hosted The Global Leadership Summit for almost 20 years. They were the 17th site to come on board as the Summit expanded around the United States.  Last year, they were proud to be the largest single church host site and have been ranked as a top 25 site by their attendees. We’re excited by what Grace Church is doing through a city-wide movement in Indianapolis. Not only are they having an impact on the church, but also local businesses, civic organizations, schools, non-profits and now prisons.

“We are dedicated to hosting the Summit because of the impact we have seen over these years,” said David Bell, Pastor at Grace Church. “Our staff as individuals are consistently impacted to grow their leadership; in addition, our church’s leadership culture has been formed in great part by the incredible talks given by world-class leaders year after year.

“The uncanny relevance of the Summit faculty’s content to challenges we have been facing over the years has been nothing short of God-directed.

“The impact of the Summit on us and our congregation is why we are spear-heading a city movement for Indianapolis with our friends from other area churches as we seek to see the impact of the Summit infiltrate throughout the churches, businesses, civic organizations, schools, non-profits, and the like of Central Indiana. And of course, this now includes God’s work through the Summit moving into our state correctional facilities.

We are grateful to play a part in God’s movement!”

Enjoy this incredible video about the impact of the Summit in a prison in Indianapolis:

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