Published June 7, 2017

The GLS Reaches 1,000 Prisoners in Ecuador

As the GLS expands across the globe, there is an increasing interest to bring the event into prisons.

Each city that has decided to take on the initiative to bring the GLS into prisons has the same heart behind it—to raise up, encourage and equip leaders behind prison walls with godly leadership principles, so when they leave (or even if they don’t), they are better prepared to enter society and make a positive influence.

The idea to bring the GLS into the local prisons in Guayaquil, Ecuador was sparked after the local team watched the grander vision story about Burl Cain during the 2015 Summit.

“We’ve been hosting the GLS in our church for the last 10 years,” said Anna Maria, GLS leader in Ecuador. “And when we saw how the GLS had started going into the prisons in the U.S., the pastor in our church who is in charge of prison ministry was inspired to do this in our city.”

Last February, they launched the GLS in one of the nine prisons, reaching more than 1,000 prisoners.

“It’s amazing to see the reaction to what they’re experiencing,” Ana Maria shares. “They thanked us for giving them tools they never had before.

“As their minds open to things they thought they could not do, it infuses into them hope for the future.”

In the U.S., the goal is to bring the GLS into 60 prisons in 2017. There are also prison initiatives in Kenya, Venezuela and of course, Ecuador. Thank you for praying and supporting the GLS in prisons.

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