Published September 6, 2017

Inmates Plan Fundraiser for Future Prison GLS Sites

Erin Keating, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Stand Together, has a heart for prison ministry. Her youngest brother is currently incarcerated, and while seeking to share her newfound faith in God, bring light into her brother’s life and help him find his self-worth and value, she encountered The Global Leadership Summit.

After three years of attending, the 2015 Summit brought a profound inspiration to her field of vision to bring the GLS, not just to the prison where her brother is, but to prisons across the country.

This year, Erin and her friends volunteered their time to serve at the Lawrenceville Correctional Center’s Summit in 2017, and were deeply impacted by the response.

Excited about what the GLS could do for prisoners, it was a no brainer for her and her friends to be a part of raising funds and serving the inmates who participated in this 2017 event. “We all left deeply motivated to do more,” Erin says.  “Not only would we like to be much better at fundraising to bring this to more prisons in 2018, but we’d also like to follow up with Lawrenceville Correctional throughout the year with ancillary programming to keep the materials and lessons alive.”

To that end, God was already working among them throughout the year since the last GLS event. “We received the biggest blessing at the end of our two days with them,” Erin shares. “I hope you are sitting down for this…

“They felt so strongly that the GLS is bringing true leadership lessons, hopeful inspirations and real, life-affirming messages that they wanted to pay it forward. In the three weeks leading up to the Summit, they ran a fundraiser within the prison by selling sub sandwiches to fellow inmates. They raised… $1,300!

Keep in mind, inmates make very little money (sometimes as low as $0.27/hour) and to think they were willing to give that up to support bringing this conference to another prison next year is ANSWERED PRAYERS!  Praise God!

I’d like to personally match those dollars and encourage others to match as well!”

Thank you to all who’ve prayed or supported the expansion of the GLS in prisons across the country. In 2017, the GLS served 60 prison sites, up from 11 sites in 2015. To continue to give toward this movement, go to

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