Published March 22, 2021

“My discouragement has been replaced with curiosity” & More from GLS20 Attendees in Vietnam


AsiaBecause of the GLS

In August 2020, The Global Leadership Summit was broadcast LIVE to an online audience and at micro-gatherings across North America. The Summit was then translated into 60+ languages and contextualized for another 123 countries and hundreds of locations worldwide. One of those locations includes Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where people gathered for fresh leadership insights and encouragement from a mix of speakers chosen from our GLS19 and GLS20 world-class faculty. With no Covid-19 cases reported in Vietnam since September, they were also excited for the opportunity to gather in person after a difficult year.

Watch what happened at the GLS in Ho Chi Minh City!

Here are just a few more stories from some of the attendees inspired to lead change within their sphere of influence in Vietnam.


…our point of view determines whether or not a problem is an obstacle or an opportunity.

Le Thi Hai GLS20 Vietnam Attendee“I lost my job because of Covid. I was supposed to start training as a missionary in Singapore but haven’t been able to. I was filled with disappointment until I stepped into The Global Leadership Summit venue. Dr. Krish Kandiah spoke and said our point of view determines whether or not a problem is an obstacle or an opportunity. I used to see things so negatively, but Krish has helped me change my mindset. I decided to take advantage of the situation and equip myself with new skills in psychological counseling. I have a passion for youth and want to help them through their troubles. How can I express my gratitude for this event? God bless you.”

– Le Thi Hai


My discouragement has been replaced with curiosity.

Tran Cong Kinh GLS20 Vietnam Attendee“This is my second time attending the Summit. I remember last year when Erwin McManus spoke about the last arrow. And because of his talk, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. The reason the GLS is my favorite is because the content is practical. I felt like I was losing my way in the pandemic, not knowing what to do next. I was discouraged. But when I heard Dr. Krish Kandiah talk about disruption, I realized we must be calm and strong and guide ourselves and others through crisis. I’m going to look for new creative ways to engage with people. My discouragement has been replaced with curiosity. I’ll see you at the next Summit!”

– Tran Cong Kinh


Craig Groeschel reminded me about the power of stories to connect the heart of emotion.

Nguyen Van Doan GLS20 Vietnam Attendee“I’m the new kid on the block. I just became a Christian last Christmas! I feel loved! I want to treasure every moment. But one thing bothers me—I haven’t told my family about my new faith. I’m afraid of their rejection. But the Summit encouraged me. Craig Groeschel reminded me about the power of stories to connect the heart of emotion. If I tell my story about my experience and the love of my friends and the amazing experience I have serving God, maybe my parents will see that being a Christian is a great thing!”


– Nguyen Van Doan


I now have determination to cultivate knowledge and gain experience!

Huynh Minh Hung GLS20 Vietnam Attendee“Brilliant is the word I would use to describe The Global Leadership Summit! As a church leader, I’ve been carrying a lot of concerns these days. I feel like I lack essential knowledge to lead people, which gives me anxiety. But when I heard Craig Groeschel speak, I realized God has guided me to the Summit because now I understand there will always be limitations in our lives. Yes, they can be challenging, heart-breaking and tiring, but they can also be opportunities for us to bend the curve, be creative and shine. I now have determination to cultivate knowledge and gain experience! Thank you so much for this meaningful event!”

– Huynh Minh Hung


I will start with small steps toward my dream.

Dang Hoang To Uyen GLS20 Vietnam Attendee“I couldn’t find something like this anywhere else! I’m so inspired and refreshed by my experience at The Global Leadership Summit! Liz Bohannon is similar to me, and her reminders were really helpful. I confess that sometimes I’m hesitant to fulfill my dreams, but Liz reminded me to start with small steps.”

– Dang Hoang To Uyen





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