Published July 11, 2018

Young Leader Realizes He Can Make a Difference, Tutors Vulnerable Children, Advancing Their Education


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“Attending The Global Leadership Summit made me realize that I can actually do something worth living for, even at my young age. The past three years, I experienced the best moments of my life. They left a mark I will not soon forget. What excites me most is the fact that I did not only help kids academically, but also made a meaningful impact in their personal and spiritual lives. I thank God for granting me the opportunity to serve them and help them realize that they are beautifully and wonderfully created in the image of God.” – Nathan, Zambia

I produced a short video called, Nathan’s Life Journey. The purpose of the project was to illustrate a day in the life of a young Zambian living in a low-income community. I was captivated by Nathan’s humility and servitude. I was struck by his gentle spirit and how his circumstances always come second to his deep desire to make a difference. His desire is motivated in part due to inspiration he received at The Global Leadership Summit when he realized he could be a leader and make a difference, even at his young age.

As I look at the photo of this 22-year old, I can say his physical appearance hasn’t changed, his love for service hasn’t changed, but I’m glad to share that his circumstances surely have.

Education has always been his passion, and he was so grateful to be able to graduate high school with honors, thanks to the monthly support he received from Ridgepoint Community Church. However, he was heartbroken to realize many young people in his church weren’t graduating from high school.

He attended The Global Leadership Summit, and realized he could make a difference in these kids’ lives, so he came up with an idea.

Nathan decided to start an after-school tutoring program at his church where he tutored vulnerable children in the educational sponsorship program. What started out as a tutoring program turned into a place where kids asked for life and spiritual advice as well. This made his experience with each student an absolute joy. He loved the opportunity, but knew he also needed to continue to grow as a leader in order to best serve these kids.

That’s when he decided to join Junior Parliament, a Jubilee Centre initiative started out of inspiration from The Global Leadership Summit, empowering and equipping emerging leaders, and teaching them people advocacy through research and debate. It wasn’t long before Nathan became the speaker of Junior Parliament, in charge of all the deliberations.

Last year, he led the junior parliament on an exchange program to Seychelles. While they were there, they made such an impact that they appeared in the national newspaper on three separate occasions.

When he returned to Zambia, he continued tutoring his students. They all speak commendably about him and consider him not just a tutor, but a mentor they respect and love. He successfully tutored 25 9th graders and 15 12th graders, and all but one of those 40 students passed their major exams, which determine the advancement of their education in Zambia.

Nathan was finally able to go to University like he’d always wanted after receiving an acceptance letter and scholarship in November 2017 from one of the best universities in Zambia. He started his semester in January and the young man couldn’t be happier.

The Global Leadership Summit continues to inspire young leaders like Nathan, helping them realize that no matter their age, they too can make a difference.

About the Author

David Temfwe

David Temfwe is head of media for the Jubilee Center in Ndola, Zambia, and has been a part of the team bringing The Global Leadership Summit to Zambia for the past three years. He studied communications at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and later returned to Zambia with his wife, where he loves to capture stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.