Grander Vision: Pete Ochs – Hutchinson Correctional Facility

Published August 9, 2019


CallingLeading YourselfPrison

Entrepreneur and business leader Pete Ochs shares how God gave him a Grander Vision to bring employment and a second chance to inmates at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas.

About the Speaker
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Pete Ochs

Founder & Chairman

Capital III

Pete Ochs is founder and chairman of Capital III, an impact investment company with investments in the US and Central America. During his four decades in business he has invested and operated companies in the energy, manufacturing, banking, and education sectors, often times focusing on places devoid of human flourishing such as prisons and poverty-stricken countries. Pete’s passion in life is to educate, equip, and empower business leaders around the world to live for something greater than themselves by using their business platform to impact the world for Christ. Pete and his wife Debbie have been instrumental in founding and growing several nonprofit enterprises. Pete’s first book, A High Impact LIFE, and other leadership resources are available at